Understand Healthy

Cultivating Lasting Lifestyle Change

Understand Healthy is more than a weight loss plan. It’s a program that cultivates lasting lifestyle change by equipping you with basic wellness information and teaching you how to be disciplined. Because healthy looks different for everyone, learn what it means for you with Understand Healthy. 


Every ‘body’ is different with distinctive genes, personalities, surroundings, and family histories. For that reason, Understand Healthy offers choice and variability, making it applicable for men and women of any age.

This program takes about 8 months to complete, which may seem like a long time, but there’s a good reason for it. Bad habits don’t arise overnight and take time to unlearn. In the same way, developing and maintaining good habits also take time. Understand Healthy anticipates those challenges and progresses in intervals to slowly produce a healthy lifestyle that is learned over time.

Once you work through my plan, you’ll have consistently formed 10 new healthy habits.


Program Curriculum


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